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The ultimate game where celebrities, for the first time of their life, meet their twin, with identical face and voice, leaving you wonder which one on TV is real!
A classical quiz show challenges players to test their love in myriad aspect of passion by answering thrilling games.

The singing game show where two new generation singers compete each other to choose the legendary singers to have a memorable duet.

Can you recognize a person’s voice from their singing? Can you tell who is the person without seeing them? What if it’s your close friend?
Featuring an eligible bachelor or bachelorette in search of a date among the three singles, who will express their feelings through love songs, chat and phone.
Two celebrities compete each other to find out what The Winning Number is. It can be anything from 00 to 99.

An enthralling trivia quiz show like no other where the team of contestants drives an old car into the studio to answer one question with eight multiple choices for a chance to drive a brand new car home.

A new aspect of food game show, inviting celebrity guests to tastes food cooked by total strangers, without knowing whether they can cook or not.

Fake Lovers will mess you up! Every couple has a story but you must detect whether their stories are fake or real, truths or lies.

Participants come and share their difficult situations due to COVID-19 and ask for gifts that can help them get back on their feet.

Big Box, a heart-warming game show, brings you and your loved ones together to fight for an item each team member wishes for.

Welcome to the ultimate training for spies! Conquer all 3 missions to become the ‘Ultimate Spy’.

An electrifying quiz show that turns 10 consecutive correct answers into an ultimate cash prize.

Join three celebrity contestants in an old-fashioned game of riddles. The game show that challenges you to try and crack the brain busting puzzles within time limits.

A detective-like game show begins as a mole goes undercover in a daring attempt to try and blend in with 3 other participants, all of whom share a common career or interest.

Here is a big chance for married couples to work together to win a big sum of money!