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This undying love story of a woman waiting for her husband to return from the army. Based on the most famous legendary tale story in Thailand. 

What will happen when the 3 sisters who cannot get along well with one another but the bad fortune bring them to come back to live altogether and help one another solve the problem of bad fortune year before they take one another to become unlucky or possibly die!
When the “golden-haired online seller” goes back in time to become a slave in the reign of King Rama V. In order to help the young slave to succeed in love with senior nobleman’s daughter. The only way is to redeem him free and make him wealthy.
An LGBTQ+ make-up artist working at the big city, has to take turns to become a village headman to inherit the power from his father who expired.
This is crime action and comedy series about 4 police detectives go undercover in the extremely dangerous or sometime crazy missions to uncover illegal operation of the massive criminal organization.
The chaotic story of Pensri teacher, a school director, tries to do everything to prevent the school from being closed.
Mak and Nak both fell in love at first sight, but Nak already had the fiancé. Nak decided to elope with Mak without knowing that not only Nak had fiancé but Mak also.
Office Syndrome is an intense drama series that depicts the lives of everyday office workers at a reputable estate company.

With her back against the wall, Puttamon a powerful woman decides to do whatever it takes to destroy

The chaotic story of “servant gangs” from 2 high society houses that were hired to match their own masters. The obstacle is the fact that both houses have hated each other since the ancestor generation.