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Sit back and enjoy the show as three celebrities make guesses which celebrity singer each of the three participants impersonate.

Two contestants share their stories and the reason they need money, whether it be something for themselves or something for other people.

Sweet Chef Thailand allows contestants to whip up a new kind of dessert with their own creation.

We know it takes more than just a pretty face to become The Angel.

Groups of talented musicians from across the country put their dreams and skills in their own music genres

The Next Legend is a battle of the bands unlike any other.

A new style of singing competition, The Rapper bring back your all-time favourite songs

Imagine your favourite stars pulling off a performance you’ve never expected!

Listen to the original voices of the talents as a judge pull down the lever to take away the backing track.

Discover new rising stars under the age of 12 who possess the same singing and performing skills as grownups.

Got the voice of a goddess but not quite there yet? Here’s your chance! 

Mic On Debt Off is a singing competition like no other.

Mic On Start Up is a floor of opportunity for talents everywhere.

The opportunity for everyone who loves singing to duet with superstar singers!