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We bid farewell to “10 Fight 10” with the battle of young-bloods!

“10 Fight 10”, the first-ever celebrity boxing show in Thailand, has finally come to the end of the season with the last match broadcasted on Monday 12th August on Workpoint Channel. As the two youngest boxers of each team competing against one another, this was certainly one of the most memorable matches of this season. Audiences have all enjoyed this crazy battle and the match ended on a high note with the hashtag #10Fight10 rocking number 1 trending on Twitter worldwide.

Given the huge success of the first season, we will be sure to continue the hype and legacy of this popular boxing competition! Let’s wait and see which celebrities will join “10 Fight 10 Season 2”, coming up next year!

With 10 Fight 10 ending its run, you can catch our latest program, The Social Icon Thailand, a competition TV show searching for the best video content creators, every Monday at 8:05 pm on Workpoint Channel, premiered on next Monday 19th August.