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Jan 4, 2023

The series was developed between FOX, Smart Dog Media and Workpoint.

Workpoint Entertainment has been working closely with Fox Alternative Entertainment (Fox USA) and Smart Dog Media (USA) to develop a new original talent competition TV show, “The Masterpiece”, that will be premiered on January 11th on Workpoint Channel 23 in Thailand, marking the first country in the world to broadcast this revolutionary new show.

“The Masterpiece” is the first groundbreaking, visually stunning and wacky new competition shows to air since the “Masked Singer”. In it, celebrities and renowned directors team up to recreate and hide themselves in famous paintings, iconic moments in time, and pop culture images to the point it becomes impossible to tell where the onstage illusion ends and the celebrity begins. These memorable masterpieces become live illusions that then perform before a panel of judges.

In this original and unique series nothing is off limits it their attempt to amaze everyone. The celebrities performances can be anything from singing, to stand up to dance. Each week new designs with the celebrity illusions getting bolder and more amazing than the last.

The only rule is to wow the audience and judges. There are nine teams to start, then in each episode one director-and-celebrity team is eliminated. The last remaining two teams will go through to the final live round, during which the winner will be crowned “The Masterpiece.”