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Bamboo Handicrafts Nature-Inspired Art

Articles of wickerwork represent the intelligence of the local people of Bang Jao Cha community in Ang Thong province. Produced with elaborate and exquisite craftsmanship, wickerwork has been an essential means of livelihood for the locals since the Ayudhaya period. Not only are these handicrafts produced based on traditional designs, but they are also custom-made according to the market’s demand. This is why these articles have become a major export, bringing fame and recognition to the community as a career-developing model. In addition, wickerwork handicrafts reflect native people’s clever use of locally available materials to invent tools and instruments for daily living and survival. Such advanced craftsmanship, which has been passed on from one generation to the next, is an epitome of folk intelligence knowledge and skills accumulated since former times which characterises an authentic Thai artistic legacy