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Mak and Nak both fell in love at first sight, but Nak already had the fiancé. Nak decided to elope with Mak without knowing that not only Nak had fiancé but Mak also. Mak’s mother, Mae Meun the controlling mother, also well prepared Mak’s future wife.

Bringing Nak back to Pra Khanong caused Mae Meun very unsatisfied. She always teased Nak badly. She hated Nak even when Nak was pregnant, she did not believe that the baby was her grandchild. Mak cannot bear the situation Nak facing, he decided to move out and lived together with Nak by their own. The happiness was short, when all men in Pra Khanong had to join the army.

Mae Meun seized this opportunity to treating Nak badly, and let Nak died during child delivery. Nak’s spirit was bound to her love, Mak, she was waiting for her love while taking the revenge to the people who treated her badly, one after another till Mak came back.

Genre : Romantic, Drama, Period, Comedy, Horror
Duration : 25 x 60’
Available As : Scripted Format/ Finished Programme
Format : HD
Broadcaster : Workpoint Channel
Created by : Workpoint Group


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