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The Wall Duet’s popularity is endless!

In 2020, The Wall Duet, Workpoint’s most viral singing game show ever, has been licensed to Vietnam as the first country to produce. The show has a great success and consecutively being produced and broadcasted season 2. Its popularity is still unstoppable since the show is sealing deals in multiple territories.  

The second adaptation has finally produced! The Wall Duet has acquired to Brazil under the title ‘The Wall Duet Brasil’. The show broadcasted in December on the top 2 TV Channel in Brazil, SBT.

The Wall Duet is once again given as a New Year gift to Dutch audiences to produce the format in Dutch version called ‘Secret Duets’ The show will premiere on December, 30th on RTL, no.1 Dutch TV Channel. Save the date!

Can’t wait for another version of The Wall Duet to be lifted!