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Workpoint’s one of its top rated TV programmes, The Wall Duet, which has been licensed to Vietnam is now in the production process with its Vietnamese first episode to be premiered on 24 February 2021 primetime on Vietnamese No.1 channel, VTV3. Following its success in Thailand and Vietnam, Workpoint has also been negotiating format deals across Asian and European countries. Premiered on 10 September 2020, The Wall Duet replaces The Mask Singer on Thursday primetime slot and it has since soared in its popularity, bringing huge success in terms of ratings. This music game show invites three superstar singers to duet with a mysterious singer behind the wall. To guess who the mysterious singer is, the superstar singer needs to decide whether they’ll believe those seemingly-deceitful clues from fellow singers or their own intuition. But they can only know who it is, only when the wall is lifted!