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‘Drive Me Home’ one of the internationally recognized programmes from Workpoint, is an entertaining trivia quiz show which gives once-in-a-lifetime chance to contestants to drive their old car into the studio to answer just one question right in order to win and drive a brand new car back home.

Now, the programme has been licensed to DID TV Corporation in Vietnam to remake in Vietnamese version under the name ‘Đưa Em Về Nhà’ for 13 episodes and will be aired on HTV2 channel, the national television network of Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV). Previously, DID TV Corporation has acquired a number of Workpoint’s popular formats and successfully remade them in their own local version, such as ‘Love Judge’ and ‘Little Lightning’.

During 25th – 27th September, Workpoint’s production team visited the studio in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the meeting and consultation of the first shooting of ‘Drive Me Home’, which DID TV production team was able to captivate the magic and produce such an incredibly entertaining show. We hope to see more successful shows coming to Vietnam market soon.

Can’t wait to see ‘Drive Me Home’ in Vietnamese version!